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A page speed test that includes a waterfall breakdown and the website preview. Select any of the 14 test locations. Easily share the website speed test results with others. Do you like this website performance test? Share via: Twitter Learn more about the Website Speed Test Terms

Website Speed Test History

URL Location Requests Size Time New York44678 KB3.6 s New York21210 KB2.8 s London1363 MB5.1 s Singapore32139 KB15.5 s Singapore21375 KB8.2 s New York00 B ms New York481015 KB3.2 s New York271 MB680 ms New York28989 KB2.9 s Toronto501 MB1.3 s Toronto31689 KB1.6 s New York35717 KB4.4 s London31633 KB2 s Tokyo31435 KB1.7 s San Francisco31969 KB558 ms