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A page speed test that includes a waterfall breakdown and the website preview. Select any of the 14 test locations. Easily share the website speed test results with others. Do you like this website performance test? Share via: Twitter Learn more about the Website Speed Test Terms

Website Speed Test History

URL Location Requests Size Time New York59877 KB14.3 s New York721 MB11.7 s
http://Http:// New York00 B0 ms Tokyo63426 KB8.8 s New York63990 KB476 ms Amsterdam41970 KB1.6 s Amsterdam34599 KB5.2 s Amsterdam411 MB1.8 s London171020 KB4.7 s London1584 MB9.8 s Amsterdam381 MB1.6 s London693 MB5.1 s Amsterdam41878 KB1.6 s Singapore782 MB8.3 s Frankfurt2771 KB697 ms