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A page speed test that includes a waterfall breakdown and the website preview. Select any of the 14 test locations. Easily share the website speed test results with others. Do you like this website performance test? Share via: Twitter Learn more about the Website Speed Test Terms

Website Speed Test History

URL Location Requests Size Time Sao Paulo814 MB6.7 s New York1112 KB806 ms New York1061 MB5.3 s Sao Paulo773 MB5.9 s Amsterdam56716 KB2.3 s Sao Paulo842 MB12.5 s New York2593 MB2.2 s Amsterdam55825 KB2.6 s New York773 MB5.5 s New York45578 KB2 s New York16 KB107 ms New York317 KB837 ms Amsterdam501 MB4 s New York531 MB2.2 s Amsterdam75683 KB805 ms