HTTP Header Check Analyze HTTP Response Headers

Online curl test - A HTTP header check for any URL which avoids a curl windows installation.

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HTTP Header Check FAQ

Using the HTTP Header Check Tool

This tool is typically used to test the X-Pull configuration of your server, check if hotlink protection is working, or provide you with the full details of the HTTP response header with cURL in the background, such as:

  • HTTP status codes
  • Content-Type
  • Vary
  • Expires
  • Cache-Control
  • Content-Encoding
  • Access-Control-Allow-Origin

And check if you have HTTP security headers in place, such as:

  • content-security-policy
  • x-xss-protection
  • strict-transport-security
  • x-frame-options
  • public-key-pins
  • x-content-type

What is cURL?

cURL is an open source command line tool used for transferring data with URL syntax, in this tool's case, HTTP and HTTPS requests.