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BGP Looking Glass


A comprehensive list of BGP looking glass servers located in various geographic regions.

What Is BGP Looking Glass?

BGP, also known as Border Gateway Protocol, is the routing protocol of the Internet. A BGP looking glass tool is software installed on a looking glass server which can be accessed remotely to provide routing information. The looking glass servers access routers, which belong to the looking glass service provider, and return information regarding BGP routing tables. This information is used for verifying routes are properly configured and propagated.

How Do I Use BGP Looking Glass?

Many looking glass tools also come with the option to perform a traceroute command, ping command, etc. Ensure that you have selected the BGP option and enter the IP address you wish to test against in the query or argument field. The BGP looking glass tool will then return an output which displays the amount of available paths and best paths from the router's network to your defined network. Additionally, it will also display the path the router would take to get to your AS (autonomous system).

BGP Looking Glass Directory

The list below is a compilation of BGP looking glass services located in various geographic regions that can be used to test BGP routing.

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