IPv6 Ping Test IPv6 or Hostname Ping

A simple IPv6 ping test. Perform an IPv6 ping simultaneously from 14 locations.

Ping Results

LocationRequestsMinMaxAvgStd DevLoss

IPv6 Ping Test FAQs

Using the IPv6 Ping Test

The IPv6 Ping test is very similiar to our Ping Test tool but in this case it allows you to ping an IPv6 host or IP simultaneously from different locations. Ping is important when it comes to website latency. The tool sends out ICMP packets to an address to see how fast the response is. A faster ping means a more responsive connection.

Example of an IPv6 address (www.google.com): 2a00:1450:400a:804::2004

How to do an IPv6 Ping on the CLI?

Just use the command ping6 tools.keycdn.com. It might is required to specify the interface with the argument -I eth0 (replace eth0 with the appropriate interface).

What is IPv6?

IPV6 is the latest internet protocol designed to replace IPv4 due to the network shortage of addresses. IPv6 addresses are 128 bits (16 bytes) long, as opposed to 32 bits, and use AAAA resource records in DNS to map host names to IPs. They also require IPSec support.