KeyCDN Tools gives you a set of free online checks to help you troubleshooting network or CDN related issues.

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Currently v2.1

Tools to simplify problem resolution.

KeyCDN Tools makes implementation verification faster and easier. It's made for everyone and everywhere.

Website Speed Test

Use this full page speed test to get detailed insights on how your website performs.

IP Location Finder

Locate any IP address or hostname including many meta information such as ASN, provider, reverse lookup and more.

HTTP Header Check

Verify the HTTP response header of any URL. Check if your hotlink protections is working as expected.

DNS Check

Check DNS records on different domain name servers around the world. EDNS client subnet enabled lookups.

Ping Test

Ping any IP or hostname from various location in parallel including full result list.

Traceroute Tool

Test the connectivity to any given IP or hostname from different location simultaneously.

Certificate Decoder

Verify if your submitted SSL certificate is valid and decode all certificates to further analyze them.


Check if your server is vulnerable to the SSL FREAK attack. Simply enter the domain or IP you want to test.

KeyCDN Tools are totally free. They are hosted, developed, and maintained by proinity LLC.