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Web Performance Test FAQs

Performance Test Results

The web performance test analyzes the load times of a single asset, such as https://logos.keycdn.com/keycdn-logo.svg, and returns a breakdown of the following attributes:

  • Status: Returns the HTTP status codes, such as 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx, or error.
  • Cache: KeyCDN caching status (HIT, MISS, ...).
  • ETag: Entity Tag (ETag) of an asset.
  • DNS: Returns domain name system (DNS) lookup time.
  • Connect: Time it takes to connect to the web server. Under 200 ms will result in green indicator: 19 ms
  • TLS: Overhead of TLS connection on individual asset.
  • TTFB: Time it takes from when a client makes an HTTP request to it receiving its first byte of data from the web server. Under 400 ms will result in green indicator: 210 ms

How Can I Improve My Web Performance?

Below are a few factors to consider when trying to pinpoint website performance issues.

  • Time to First Byte (TTFB)
  • Critical Path
  • DNS
  • Render Blocking Resources
  • Number of HTTP Requests
  • Identifying Where Assets Are Delivered From (Latency)
  • Large Image Sizes
  • 301 Redirects

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