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Website Speed Test

Full page speed test

Website Speed Test History

URL Location Requests Size Time New York1107 MB7.6 s
https://www.cxotv.newsBangalore873 MB6.5 s MB6.8 s
https://sixe.esFrankfurt873 MB2.3 s
https://www.cxotv.newsBangalore883 MB7.2 s

Website Speed Test FAQ

File Types

  • text/html: A HTML page
  • text/javascript: JavaScript file
  • text/css: CSS file
  • image/png: PNG file
  • image/jpeg: JPEG file
  • image/gif: GIF file

Request Methods

  • GET: Requests data from a specified resource
  • POST: Submits data to be processed to a specified resource

HTTP Status Codes

  • 2xx: The server responded with a successful code
  • 3xx: The request was redirected to another target
  • 4xx: A client error, for example 404 page not found
  • 5xx: A server error, such as 500 internal server error
  • Error: Connection error, no response from the server

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